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Topic: 5 movies to inspire you as a real estate seller
From the Music History forum.

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AuthorTopic:   5 movies to inspire you as a real estate seller
James flick
Registered User


posted: 2/20/2021 at 6:49:57 AM ET
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5 movies to inspire you as a real estate seller

In this quarantine, an activity of great benefit is continuous education or training. You have the attractive opportunity to take all kinds of online diplomas and certifications that will help you in your professional practice. 

How about learning while enjoying a movie? In entertainment we can also find knowledge, as shown by these film productions that show situations that can help you to be a better advisor. Prepare your popcorn and pay close attention! 

These are our suggestions:

The big bet
Just a dream 
Attic without elevator 
This house is a ruin
American Beauty

The big bet

You can find it on various streaming platforms (check its availability in the one of your preference); starring Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt and Steve Carrell, tells a story that focuses on the 2008 housing crisis in the United States and how a group of analysts who saw the market crash coming, knew how to seize the moment and did timely investments to get ahead. 

This movie is useful both for learning about the technicalities of the financial world, as well as for further understanding the role that the real estate sector and its institutions play within the economy. 

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Just a dream 

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet (that's right, the couple from the mythical Titanic). The story tells the life of a young married couple put to the test by the crisis that they are going through both in their relationship and in business. 

The most interesting character to keep track of is Helen Givings, friend and real estate consultant at the head of the marriage. Helen intervenes and advises first in the purchase of the couple's house and later in the sale of it. They are two key moments in the lives of your clients and this can give you an idea to know how to respond with empathy in both stages. 

Attic without elevator 

This fun romantic comedy stars Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman; its history focuses on the sale of an apartment in an area that has acquired great value and added value, after 40 years since its construction. 

In addition to identifying the factors that help promote a property in a key area, we can see how the real estate agent advises the couple during the Open House and how he manages the offers of the various interested prospects. 

This house is a ruin 

This movie is from 1986 and stars Tom Hanks and Shelley Long; tells the story of a young couple who have to leave their current apartment in search of a new home. By surprise and apparent fortune, they get a mansion at an incredibly low price, so excited they rush to acquire it. However, upon moving out, the maintenance costs will turn what you once thought a dream come true into a true nightmare.  

Here we can see the great importance of identifying hidden defects in a property, as well as the relevance of being advised by a professional in the purchase of this type of property. 

American Beauty

In 1999 this controversial film was released, starring Kevin Spacey; it tells the story of a family that lives pretending something that it is not and the problems in which they are involved thanks to this facade. In addition to having important branding lessons, in terms of image and public perception, the message about competition between real estate companies stands out. As well as the challenge of selling a home for very specific clients. 

Which one catches your eye to see first? Take advantage of your time, learn while having fun with these films and improve your skills and knowledge as a real estate consultant during this quarantine. 

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James flick
Registered User


posted: 2/21/2021 at 5:09:00 AM ET
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Home Yoga Routine for Beginners

Practicing yoga at home has many benefits, and it is an excellent way for beginners to get started. In fact, learning in the safe and private environment of home might be preferable for many. You can explore your favourite poses and find a style of practice which works best for you, all this will help you sleep at night, read the full article post  on yoga for sleep here. To get yourself started, here is a home yoga routine for beginners:

Easy Pose / Sukhasana

This is the pose you probably first think of when you think about yoga. This is also why it is called the ‘easy pose’ and a great place to get started. In this pose you sit cross-legged and try to position the feet below the nose. Place your hands on your knees. Hold this position and breathe deeply.


Next, move into a position on all fours. Please ensure your palms are put under your elbows, your knees underneath your hips, and your shoulder bag under your lower back.. As you inhale, move into the cow pose. Let the belly drop and lift the tailbone, keeping your eyes looking forward. As you exhale, round up into the cat pose. Curve your spine and look at your belly button.

Downward facing dog

Staying on all fours, spread your fingers wide and move up onto your toes. Push your weight onto your hands and lift your knees off the floor. You should be in an upside-down ‘V’ shape. Make sure your hips are raised to the ceiling. Your feet and hands should be closer than in the cat-cow position. Look at the back edge of your mat as you hold this position.

Cobra pose

From here, lower yourself down onto your map so your stomach is lying on the mat. Position the palms of your hands so they are next to your shoulders. Push up your upper body and look at the ceiling. Once comfortable, press into your thighs, hips and toes to really lean into the stretch. After a few seconds, release and lay back on the mat.

Forward fold

From here you can push yourself up and stand up. Place your feet just over hip-width apart and then fold your upper body forward. Try to keep your knees relaxed and just hang them. Grab your elbows with the opposite hand and relax your upper body.

Mountain pose / Tadasana

Slowly stand up until your body is fully upright. Keep your head, back and legs completely straight. Place your arms at your side and at a slight angle facing outwards, with your palms facing forward. The ideas are strong and ready for anything, like a mountain.

Warrior pose

Next, step one of your legs forward. Angle your back foot so that it is roughly a 45-degree angle to the foot in front. Shift your weight onto your front foot. Lean your weight over the foot in front until it is bent to almost a 90-degree angle. Push your feet into the mat and raise your arms above your head, looking up to the sky.

Corpse pose

This the easiest position in this routine, and highly beneficial for full mind and body relaxation. Lay flat on your back, with your arms at your side and palms facing upwards. After you finish the poses, you can take as long as you need to lie down and focus on the breath. You can even close your eyes and hold the corpse pose for a while. If any parts of your body feel under-stretched then add some more poses into the routine as you see fit. You could also repeat many of

the listed poses more than once.read the full article post

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